Our vision

Through our compassion, give hope, inspiration and empowerment to those who are battling the fight against cancer.

A cup, ready to meet its recipient

Our mission

The Cup With Love Project is a non-profit organization that represents world-wide acts of kindness to individuals impacted by cancer. The Cup With Love Project's commitment is to provide emotional support to cancer survivors, patients undergoing cancer treatment and those impacted by cancer.

A gifted cup symbolizes love, hope, prayers for inner strength, and serves to empower them as they travel through their cancer journey. It is a true testament that lets them know that they are not alone.

The Cup With Love Project also provides advocacy, mentoring, education on cancer prevention, and raises awareness on cancer-related health issues. Through these combined efforts it benefits and strengthens all communities.

Gifted by Angels

“The angels heard of your cancer journey and gathered in flight to reach you. In the rustling of their wings they bring you prayers of healing, hope and to give you a source of comfort and inner strength to fight the fight.

The angels embraced you through their acts of kindness, giving unconditionally, sometimes borrowing the faces of family and friends, and at times posing as well-meaning strangers.

As you hold this cup know that it is filled with love, hope and courage, and if you close your eyes and be still you may hear the rustling of angel's wings that surround you as they guard you in all your ways.”

Molly Ximenez, June 7, 2006

Cup With Love highlights

  • Fundraiser at Bogle Vineyards & Winery

    Friends and family of Cup With Love enjoyed a lovely, outdoor brunch and silent auction (fundraiser) in October '13. Thanks to Bogle Vineyards & Winery's great support and beautiful surroundings, cup distribution can reach more survivors in need around the globe.

  • Vespa scooter raffle

    Thanks to Lifetime and Vespa USA, the Cup With Love was thrilled to have been to able offer a pink LX 50 Vespa scooter (one of a limited edition of 1000) to lucky raffle winner (and cancer survivor), Stan Czarnecki of Ocala, Florida. Stan's ticket was chosen on November 1st '09, at our raffle drawing event at Hot Italian Pizza and Panini Bar, from more than 1,000 tickets sold to support the Cup With Love's cup donation program.

  • Site redesign

    September 25, 2009 — We have launched a site redesign, with our new logo, to reflect our growing dedication to help cancer survivors.

  • Cup With Love Project chosen to receive a Vespa

    September 9, 2009 — CWLP is chosen by Vespa/Piaggio USA to receive a limited edition pink Vespa scooter, to assist our fundraising operations.

Show your support!

Cup with Love Project baseball cap

Has the Cup With Love Project touched you or someone you love? Show your support with our new baseball caps!

The caps come in two colors, with optional "survivor" embroidery on the back.

Donate to the Cup With Love Project via PayPal and receive a complimentary cap. When making a donation of $25 or more, just put a note in your purchase specifying the color (light khaki or dark khaki) and if you want the optional "survivor" embroidery or not. We'll take care of the rest!