About us


The Cup With Love Project was founded in a living room, over a cup of tea and amongst good friends. Inspired by simple, but thoughtful acts of kindness bestowed upon her during her cancer treatment, Cup With Love founder, Molly Ximenez was inspired to share that same compassion with newly diagnosed cancer patients. The concept of gifting a tea cup to those on a cancer journey, or those whose lives have been impacted by cancer, grew from these humble beginnings and today has profoundly touched the lives of individuals world-wide.

Molly's vision lead to the formal creation of “the Cup With Love Project” in 2005, as a recognized not-for-profit organization. Since then, the Cup With Love Project has collected cups, wrapped and provided those gifts of love to thousands of cancer survivors undergoing treatment. Thanks both to the continued efforts of Molly and a band of loving volunteers, the same acts of compassion and kindness continue.

Sacramento, California (USA)-based, the Cup With Love Project serves to empower those traveling through their cancer journey with love and hope, by letting them know they are not alone and that they have the inner strength to fight the fight through the Cup With Love Project community.

President's Message

From Gloria Torres, President of the Cup With Love Project:

I would take this opportunity to thank all of our volunteers and everyone who has supported this remarkable organization.

I thank Molly Ximenez for her vision and for how she has impacted thousands of individuals navigating their cancer journey. Molly's vision for the organization has truly come to fruition.

Further, I would like to take this opportunity to inform our supporters that the organization has been “under construction.” For the last year, the Board has focused almost exclusively on developing infrastructure to support the Cup With Love's future, including an events calendar, volunteer handbook, fundraising strategies, and a new and improved web-site. These tools, to be implemented in 2010, will help the organization to continue the vision for the next 100 years. Our mission and our goals have stayed the same, but we have enhanced how we deliver the services to the community and to those impacted by cancer. With these tools in place, we hope to continue our founder's vision that through our compassion, we can give hope, inspiration and empowerment to those who are battling the fight against cancer. Thank you for your support as we evolve together.

Warm Regards,
September 2009

Board of Directors